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When we first received this photograph from Phil Lynch we nearly broke the internet. The response and praise was incredible. But as Phil will tell you, this isn’t a simple point and click photo opportunity.

It’s always good to have an idea of the style of photography for your big day and some examples to hand to your photographer always helps. This gives your photographer the best opportunity to get the shot and equipment needed setup ready.

For this particular shot Phil had multiple flashes positioned behind the bride and groom to ensure they were lit up with minimal shadows. To get a general all round focus across the trees multiple shots were stitched together electronically to ensure everything looked crisp. When the raw image is ready there is then always some touching up to do on PhotoShop. Highlighting the night sky, twinkling lights in the trees and ensuring the vibrant colours of the garden lighting were all key parts of making this photograph what it is.

If you want more information about Phil Lynch and his work please visit:

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