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Skinny Prosecco

Posted by Categories: Food, Suppliers, Venue
Skinny Prosecco

We have just ordered our first batch of Skinny Prosecco from Thomson & Scott.

This beautifully bottle of bubbly boasts being organic, vegan and most importantly low low low sugar content.

The Company importing this product from Italy has a very simple and clear mission statement:

“My mission is to be completely open about what we’re drinking and cut sugar where it’s not needed. We’re not counting calories, but we share them for transparency. My mission is for us to ask why we can’t drink better and cleaner. I’ve developed my own range of top quality sparkling wines to answer this question.”

What did Phillip & Holly think about Skinny Prosecco:

Keep your eyes open for NEW Skinny Prosecco at Sheene Mill very soon.

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