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Below is a general update from Cambridgeshire Registration Service.

Customer Contact

As always at this time of year we are experiencing a very busy time post-Christmas with ceremony booking enquiries, both for this year and several years ahead, and it seems timely to issue a few reminders to help us to help the customers we share:

  • We recommend that when talking to customers, you advise them that the sooner they book with us (which they can do as soon as they have decided on a potential date with yourselves provided they are legally free to marry / form a civil partnership) the more likely it is that the time they want will be available. We already have bookings going in for 2019 /2020!
  • As we take bookings so far in advance people booking at relatively short notice (for example for peak season Saturdays this year) are understandably sometimes disappointed with the times still available, but we have to deal with customers on a first come first served basis.  When discussing with your customers please encourage them to be flexible around the times that work for you too.
  • On the booking form (available on, it gives the opportunity to give a choice of three times / dates, which we will look at in order of preference.
  • Once they send in the booking form, we will confirm their booking or contact them with times available. This is usually the same day but at busy times like this might be a few days.

You will be pleased to hear that during this year, we will finally be putting many more services online for customers to use themselves, which will mean the ceremonies team are freed up to deal with enquiries.  These will include notice booking online (for people living in Cambridgeshire), and giving people who have booked a ceremony an account where they can submit checklists and make payments. We also aim to give partners such as yourselves access to view available slots, and assist couples with making provisional bookings – we will send out more new over the summer.


If you are an existing holder (with no break in licence) that has adhered fully to the terms and conditions on your licence (including application and payment schedules), just are reminder that we are now able to consider issuing your next Approval for five years rather than three – at no additional cost to yourselves. (This includes the requirements for outside ceremonies, alcohol before the ceremony, signage etc.)  We are very pleased that we have already been able to issue 28 five year licences to date.

We hope you have a successful start to 2017 and look forward to working with you during the year.

Kind Regards

Cambridgeshire Registration Service

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