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Quick Fire Wedding Planning Tips

Posted by Categories: Venue
Quick Fire Wedding Planning Tips

Wouldn’t it be nice to have someone on call 24/7 in the run up to your Wedding to let you know what you should be doing and when, to have them haggle the best price for your Wedding flowers, to tell you where to get the most amazing cake from and to near enough do everything and anything that is remotely linked to Weddings? Well unfortunately for some or should I say the majority of us, we don’t have this luxury so we have to rely on good ol’ common sense, the world wide web and our trusted friends and family. To help you along the way, here’s a few thoughts to get you going and to give you even more to think about.

1. Set your budget – know your limits, don’t splurge for the sake of it

We all know Weddings aren’t the cheapest things in the world and as much as you try to be strict with yourselves when you decide to pay an extra £100.00 for the photographer to stay for your first dance and an extra 50p for cute little favours and extra money behind the bar for everyone to get even more drunk on – your budget can go from manageable to completely out of control in a matter of minutes. As awkward as it is try and find out from the family if they will be offering any financial help along the way so you can work out a realistic budget and know what price bracket you are working within. Decide what is important to the both of you and what you would be happy spending a little more on – don’t look back on your Wedding day and regret spending £5 per Wedding favour that ended up being left on the table or a £1,000.00 Wedding cake that got smushed into the floor at the end of the night. Be realistic, be sensible and don’t think that bigger is always better. Discuss your ideas and how you both invisage your Wedding Day and what is a realistic target to save each month. By doing this now you won’t make any mistakes further down the line, by not allotting each Wedding idea enough time, money or attention.

2) Get Organised

Now this would be what excites me – folders, dividers, spreadsheets, formulas, having lists for everything imaginable and as geeky as it may all sound you will definitely be thankful for getting organised from the get go so when you log a recommendation and a quote and need to find it 3 months later or when a supplier tries to tell you that you haven’t paid a deposit and you have the receipt – you will know exactly what section of what folder to find it in and it will save you a lot of hair pulling, stress and money.

3) Choose your date and spread the word.

The sooner you get that all important date in your diary, your families diaries and your favourite bands diary, the sooner you can sit back on cloud 9 and enjoy each others company before every weekend is eaten up by Wedding planning. The key thing you want to think about doing is booking your Church / Civil Ceremony / Humanist Ceremony etc and making sure this coincides with your venue and as soon as you have that on lock down you can tell your guest list so those all important people will definitely be there and noone else can steal your date. If you have a set band, photographer, entertainer etc in mind be sure to make contact with them, pay a small deposit to secure the date and then you can decide the finer details a little nearer the time.

4) Church vs Ceremony

There will be endless decisions that you will have to make over the months of planning and it is important to be on the same page, especially for the big things. Some couples will want to have a Church Ceremony as they feel this is more traditional and is often important to the parents but if Church isn’t your thing and you don’t make habit of going to services then a Civil Ceremony at the venue could be the perfect option. Either way you will still get to make your vows to each other, get that all important piece of paper confirming the marriage and get a new piece of bling for your finger.

Sheene Mill Wedding Ceremony Garden Outdoor

5) Keep a check list

Once you have an idea of what needs to be done don’t over face yourself by trying to do everything at once. List each job to be done and then break down how many months you have to do it all before the wedding, then allot each month a list of jobs. Keep this list in your wedding folder and tick off each job as it is done.

6) Don’t be fooled, do your research

Unfortunately in the world of Weddings you will always get those people who will try it on when it comes to money, they’ll think they can charge you extra because it’s your special day and they’ll tell you you have to double the amount of flowers you actually want or you just MUST have the Bentley instead of the Mercedez. Shop around, get some comparison quotes, see what other companies are including within their price and don’t take their word as gospel – make sure you get what you want without having to spend a small fortune to get it. Don’t assume what worked for one couple will work for you, you’re not wanting to repeat someone else’s day you’re wanting to create your own personal day.

7) Lock in your suppliers

Suppliers will get themselves booked up as quick as venues do so don’t put off securing your Photographer, Entertainer, Florist, Cake Maker – some people may only do it part time or have blocked out weeks for family holidays so the sooner you know you have the big things confirmed the sooner a big weight will be lifted. Get a list together of everything there is to do, invitations, flowers, cake, decorations, outfits, transport etc Don’t be put off by the length that this list could get to but choose what is important, what needs doing as a matter or urgency and keep a check list in your snazzy organised folder.


8) Plan your honeymoon

It is no secret that some Weddings bring stress and anxiety with the amount of work there is that goes into the day so an absolute certainty to unravel that stress it sifting through destinations for where you can go on your honeymoon. There’s nothing more relaxing than picturing just the two of you on a white sandy beach or hiking up a mountain or lounging in a hotel suite and did I say it would be JUST THE TWO OF YOU!!!!! The opportunities are endless for what you can do following your Wedding so make sure you plan the perfect time away to reflect on your Wedding day and to start living your happily ever after.


9) Get yourself some Wedding Insurance

It is no secret that you could spend a huge fortune when piecing together your Wedding day, just think about the cost of wedding rings, a wedding dress, catering and the many other wedding essentials and you will soon see how much they add up to. While it is not very romantic to think about what might go wrong with your wedding, it is best to be prepared. Purchasing wedding insurance from the moment you start spending money on your wedding could really help with peace of mind for both your wedding spend, and honeymoon spend alike.

10) Make some time for yourselves

It is easy to get forgot about little old you through all the madness of the planning so make sure you are finding time to look after yourself, drink lots of water, take part in casual exercise, find the odd occasion for a little pamper session and get lots of sleep – I know it is easier said than done but don’t let those worry lines haunt your Wedding pictures. The little things should never let you forget why you are getting married in the first place so make sure you are still finding time to ‘date’ your fiance and spending quality time together to just enjoy each others company.



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