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If it’s good enough for the Queen… it’s good enough for the Sheene!

Posted by Categories: butcher, Food, Restaurant Page, Suppliers, Venue
If it’s good enough for the Queen… it’s good enough for the Sheene!

We are delighted to welcome Aubrey Allen (the butcher appointed by Her Majesty the Queen) to the Sheene Mill team.


Let’s read a little more about them…

We’re a family business, established in 1933, and we understand that providing the best meat from gate to plate is more important than marketing promises. Our reputation has been built on our uncompromising commitment to provenance, fair trade with farmers and especially sourcing the finest Scotch beef.

Our time consuming dry ageing process for beef has been perfected and we know it is the only way to develop the texture and flavour of the product; our relationship with  all our suppliers has developed so far over the years that the top 5% of their yield is reserved for us and so for you.

Our team of Master Butchers work with chefs on our menu inspiration days to develop new products in our independently assessed cutting plant where hygiene is paramount.

Our staff, many of whom have stayed with us for over 20 years, share and understand our family philosophy of integrity and experience over the fast buck and quick fixes. We are proud that successful restaurants nationwide rely on Aubrey Allen meat but we don’t rely on our reputation; we work hard to ensure that we keep it.


Our vision and values

Our company philosophy is simple; when you do well, we do well. We believe that quality can only be measured by repeat business and consistency is the hallmark of our promise to you… to serve you with only the best.

We buy from suppliers who understand this promise and whilst we are endorsed by various assurance schemes, we also set our own Aubrey Allen Assurance scheme.

To achieve this we educate our butchers in-house in international butchery techniques and buy the entire carcass so we can provide you with a bespoke service, including our time saving larder chef preparation products.

Our products

Aubrey Allen do not have a purchasing policy but rather we have a philosophy to always source the very best ethically cared for meat and that commitment has recently won us a National Meat Buyer of the Year award for ‘Ethical Sourcing and Animal Welfare’. The focus is always on how the meat will taste for your customer and through relationships with our farmers spanning twenty years, we are able to secure the top yield in the country; a factual based statement rather than a good tale.

Aubrey Allen Assured (AAA) criteria are applied at every stage of the chain including how the animals must be treated, prior and post slaughter.

Aubrey Allen buy the whole carcass. The benefit of that is not only that our Butchers, who have a wealth of experience and knowledge of international cutting techniques, can work with you on bespoke product development but that we can ensure that the carcass is matured whole on the bone in our dry ageing room.



Our philosophy is to source only the most natural products, reared using the purest farming methods. Farming in this way means that the best meat is ethically produced for flavour, whilst remaining in harmony with the countryside, year in year out, and so sustaining the environment. We carefully select and inspect all of our suppliers and can trace our meat from farm to plate.

Beef – We have built our reputation on the quality of our beef, sourcing only the finest cattle. Some of it even comes from Ballindaloch Castle itself, home to the oldest Angus herd of all, where the cattle graze on ancient pastures, drink pure Highland water, and come winter time feed on the barley draff from local distilleries. We leave our beef to hang on the bone for a minimum of 21 days, and the result is the tastiest, most tender beef around.

We source our beef from North East Scotland, the South West of England and Northern and Southern Ireland areas with vast green clean pastures far from industry with pure spring water where the large herds are reared with expert care from selection in conception through to slaughter.

It’s no surprise, then, that the Roux Brothers have described the quality of our beef as “unrivalled”.

Watch how we raise our grass fed free range beef

Watch our video on how we dry-age our beef

Lamb – Sourced from the South West of England, the gentle rolling hills, warmer climate and granite pasture which is not too rich, provide the perfect environment for the lambs to flourish.

Chicken – Our free range, award winning Cotswold White chicken are bred at Robert Caldecott’s farm in Worcestershire. He shows a commitment to rearing the intensely flavoursome Cotswold White birds in an ethical and timely way. They are wonderfully cared for, bred with time and space to allow the chickens to grow twice as long as the average chicken, producing a long term living, free pecking, deliciously old fashioned tasty bird. Our customers must love them as we sell over 100 whole chickens per week.

Pork – Jimmy Butler & Sons produce award winning outdoor reared free range pork and his sons have visited the shop to promote their brand through the shop. We also sent our staff to Suffolk this year to see how our Free Range pigs are reared and better their knowledge of pork.

See how our free range pork is reared

Venison – We buy wild venison from the Balmoral estates as they are naturally hunted wild deer. The carcass is kept at close to 0°C and hung for a minimum of 14 days to ensure that the enzymes are gently broken down to create flavour, tenderness and predictability.

Turkeys, cockerels and geese – These are sourced from farms in Warwickshire and Oxfordshire.

Fruit and Vegetables – Our local supplier sources the majority of produce from the Vale of Evesham and Worcestershire.

Cheese – We source many local cheeses for our shop and these are also used for our catering events.

Eggs – We source our eggs from a farm close to Leamington Spa.

Bread – We source our bread from local bakeries in Kenilworth and Stratford-upon-Avon.

Still Not Convinced? … Come and taste the quality


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