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A-Z of Entertainment

Posted by Categories: Ideas
A-Z of Entertainment

From magicians to sport tournaments. Get your wedding entertainment covered with these unique ideas…

A is for… Abracadabra!

Consider hiring a magician for your wedding reception. If you’re thinking it’ll be too much like a child’s birthday party with rabbits and top hats, then think again! Many magicians perform mind illusions and close-up personal magic tricks, which can be specifically tailored to complement your event, and are certain to captivate all your guests.

B is for… Burlesque

Burlesque performances don’t have to be a strip show! They can be sophisticated and entertaining – especially if you’ve chosen a chic retro wedding theme. Hiring any sort of dancers is a cool wedding idea.

C is for… Casino

Place bets and try your luck at your very own Vegas-style casino. This works as a great icebreaker because guests will be able to mingle and interact with each other as they play. While the money may not be real, the entertainment is priceless and your guests are guaranteed to have a fun evening!

D is for… Dressing-up box

Nothing’s easier than having a dressing-up box as the entertainment at a wedding. It’s not just kids who love dressing up, and after a few glasses of bubbly, we’re sure everyone will be having a great time posing for the camera. The dressing-up box is a flexible idea that can work to whatever entertainment budget you’ve set. If you can stretch to it, why not incorporate a photobooth so your guests can capture their outfits?   Ben_Jess-470

E is for… Edible treats

If you want a themed wedding you could make food the focus of your entertainment? Why not create a fairground atmosphere with sweet stalls and candy floss or perhaps a movie theme with buckets of popcorn and pick’n’mix? Alternatively, you could have a dessert or sweetie bar where guests have the opportunity to make their own delicious treats.

F is for… Fireworks

For a simple but effective form of entertainment, why not organise a choreographed fireworks display? These are perfect for celebrations and will leave a lasting impression. To add to the firework fun, give your guests sparklers instead of favours to take home. These can be used in the evening for some beautiful photo opportunities, too – try having a sparkler send-off when you and your new hubby leave the party!

Please check with the venue regarding their policies first. At The Sheene Mill we only set fireworks off on 5th November and New Years Eve.

G is for… Garden games

Outdoor games are a simple and no-fuss way of keeping everyone entertained for hours. Whether this is a rodeo bull, a chessboard or a massive game of Jenga, participants and spectators alike are sure to get a laugh out of them. At The Sheene Mill you can hire some great garden games for a small charge.

H is for… Having a laugh

Turn your venue into a comedy club and hire a stand-up comedian for the evening entertainment. With so many comedians to choose from, you’re guaranteed to find something that will have you guests in stitches.

I is for… Illustrations

Having artists and caricaturists at your wedding will really involve everyone. Plus, it means that you and your guests will have some brilliant and truly unique souvenirs to take home.

J is for… Jukebox

Chosen a retro wedding theme? Hire a jukebox! They can come pre-loaded with songs or can easily be uploaded with your own favourites. This option is cheaper than hiring a band and it’ll make a unique centrepiece, too.


K is for… Keepsake

Creating a keepsake can be a great alternative form of entertainment. Ask your guests to bring something to the reception that can be used to make a time capsule that can be cherished and reopened at a chosen anniversary. This will be enjoyable and personal for you and your guests as you recover old (and hopefully not too embarrassing) stories and memories together.

L is for… Lookalikes

It’s unlikely that any celebs will be gracing your wedding with their presence, but just because you can’t party with the A-listers, doesn’t mean you can’t pretend! Hiring lookalikes will give your reception an interesting twist that your guests will love photographing.  IMG_2158AA

M is for… Mixology

Mixology bartenders will not only serve up amazing cocktails for your guests, but will also give a fascinating performance. Expect swirling bottles, ingredients flying through the air and incredibly tasty drinks. Just try not to over indulge! At The Sheene Mill we can prepare special cocktails for your special night. Just ask for more details.

N is for… Nightclub

If you and your h2b are party animals at heart, why not turn your evening do into a proper night out? Take inspiration from your favourite nightclubs and provide guests with neon glowsticks and wristbands as they dance under strobe lights. Just don’t forget a VIP area for tired dancers who need a sit down! Tim & Tam Wedding - 925

O is for… Open mic

For a cheap entertainment idea, why not let your guests entertain you by turning your venue into an open-mic night? If you have musical friends, they’ll be happy to perform and it will give everyone the chance to be involved in your day.

P is for… Photobooth

Photobooths are becoming increasingly popular at weddings and are a fantastic form of entertainment. Give your guests some props and pull some silly faces. The results are sure to make everyone laugh and are fabulous wedding souvenirs.    Jo & Nick South Wales Wedding - 110

Q is for… Quiz night

Quiz nights are a great option if your guests don’t all know each other well. Whether you choose a standard pub quiz or make one about you and your groom, quizzes are a fun activity that you and your h2b can create together.

R is for… Requests

There’s no better way of making sure your guests are entertained than by asking them what they want, so ask them for their song suggestions prior to the wedding! If you’re having a DJ, give them song requests early enough to avoid disappointment and to get everyone on their feet, dancing the night away. a&jW844

S is for… Surprises

Hopefully there won’t be any nasty surprises on the day, but a planned surprise for your guests will definitely be memorable. This could be anything from waiters who suddenly burst into song to a flashmob! Be creative with what you do and it’s guaranteed to be a talking point.

T is for… Tournament

If you’re having a summer wedding and your venue has a large outdoor space, create a sports tournament for your guests to take part in. From mini golf to table tennis or five-a-side, it’ll get everyone running around and releasing their competitive side. This activity will get everyone mingling, it’s cheap and will entertain both adults and kids. Give medals to the winners – they’ll love it!    ellie-greg-colour-247

U is for… Unicycle

You could create a circus-themed wedding with top performances for you and your guests to watch. You could even try out a few tricks for yourself! Circus performers will not only keep the kids entertained but will guarantee some laughs from the adults, too.

V is for… Video

Hired video cameras are great entertainment for wedding receptions as they can be handed out to your guests, who can film whatever they like! The footage can later be edited to create a wedding film with a truly personal touch. Proctor1099

W is for… Wine tasting

If you’re into your wines, then a tasting session is great for a sophisticated wedding reception. Interactive experiences like this definitely make the entertainment more memorable, and your guests are sure to appreciate it.

X is for… X Factor

An X Factor-style competition would be fab entertainment. Everyone loves kareoke after a few drinks, and you could get guests involved by asking them to vote for their favourite singers. You could even give out prizes!  2013-06-23 01297

Y is for… Yodelling

Want something really different? Hire a yodeller for your wedding reception! These performances can be really fast-paced and energetic and are bound to get everyone smiling and on their feet dancing.

Z is for… Zoo

If you and your h2b love animals, then arrival on a horse drawn carriage could be the perfect option. Always check with the venue before bringing animals to the venue.

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