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10 questions to ask at viewings

Posted by Categories: Brochure-page, Tips & Hints, Venue
10 questions to ask at viewings

When you are ready to begin the hunt for the perfect Wedding venue it can all be a little daunting and overwhelming so it helps to know what to ask and what to look for. Make a note ahead of time of anything key you know you definitely want and be sure to go with a pad and pen.

Question 1… What are the maximum number of guests allowed for the day and evening? Do any of the rooms / areas have restrictions on numbers?

You may think you want a small Wedding Breakfast of 30 guests in their beautiful Conservatory but if you numbers increase to 45, does this mean there are too many for your preferred room and if so where will the meal take place – is it a good idea to find out all of this information before you get too far into the planning.

Question 2… What are the options for getting married at the venue and where are the licensed areas?

If you know you would prefer a Civil Ceremony over a Church Wedding then find out where the venue is licensed to hold the Ceremony. Can you get married outside? What happens if it rains? How does the room get set up? What Council does the venue come under?

Question 3… Can you provide your own caters or is this provided in house?

Food is a big thing on a Wedding Day and you want to make sure you get it right. Make sure you are happy with the food options they can offer and if the venue is happy to be flexible and is passionate about their food it is the first big sign that you know they will deliver a delicious meal on the day.

Question 4… Are there restrictions on any entertainment allowed at the venue?

Be sure to find out from the off set if there are restrictions on having live music or entertainers come in to perform. What time does the music have to finish? Are there sound restrictions? Is there a music disclaimer? Can you have music outside? If you go for a band, carefully read through their contract as they will often request for food, drink, changing rooms, overnight accommodation and this will often fall on top of the initial price quoted.

Question 5… Does the venue have overnight accommodation?

It is always so nice to be able to stay overnight at the same venue so you haven’t got far to go, you cut out on transport cost, you have a base to go to and from throughout the day and the best part is that you can come together with some of your guests the next morning and tuck into a huge breakfast and smile and laugh listening to everyone’s stories from your Wedding Day.

Question 6… Who dresses the venue for you?

It is important to know if you are expected to get up even earlier to head to the venue and dress the chairs, set the place cards, lay out the favours and make sure everything is in position for your arrival. If this is the case you may need to call upon your Wedding party to help as the last thing you want is to be rushing and stressing on top of all the emotion you will already be feeling.

Question 7… Are there any additional charges you will be expected to pay on top of what has been quoted?

Some venues love to sugar coat the first set of prices they show you and then when you start asking questions and getting deeper into it you will find a huge jump in the final figure when they add on linen, staffing, set up charges and the one that everyone loves to sneak on at the end…V.A.T. Always be sure of exactly what you will be expected to pay on top of any food, drink and venue charges.

Question 8… Will there be a Wedding Co-ordinator to help you plan your Wedding and to see it through on the day?

Knowing you have someone from the venue there with you from start til finish is a huge weight that will be immediately lifted off your shoulders. Being guided and advised by someone who knows the venue inside out and has the best recommendations will be priceless help. You won’t need to be clock watching making sure you aren’t running late. You won’t have to move your guests around. You won’t have to make sure the sweet table has been set up and the band are being looked after. If the venue doesn’t offer this service you will need to ensure you have a good schedule for the day and trusted Ushers who can help execute everything.

Question 9…Where are the best indoor and outdoor photo opportunities?

Knowing where the perfect backdrops are for your photos is key, you want to be able to capture as much as possible from your guests and the venue, and having a beautiful array of photos will make the wow factor live on forever even 60 years down the line when you are at home going through the album with your great grandchildren.

Question 10… What times does the Bar close?

Everyone loves a good drink on a Wedding day and there is nothing worse than the clock striking midnight, the lights going up and the guests being shooed out the door. If you are able to have a late night drink, finish up your bottle of Champagne and let the night come to a natural end then it will make all the difference to night.

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